Hydro Power
Persico Group makes use of hydro power plants for the conversion of mechanic and solar energy into electric power for the Persico site.
  • Serio hydroelectric power plant
The Serio hydroelectric power plant, located in via Marconi in Nembro, was recently revamped by Persico. The power plant uses water from the Serio Grand Canal (Roggia Serio Grande) to run two 70-kWp horizontal­-axis Francis turbines. The original turbines installed in 1921 were refurbished and reused, while the old electrical equipment was completely removed and replaced. The overhaul comprised the installation of a new revolution multiplier group and a new generator for the conversion of mechanical energy into electric power for the Persico site. This micro hydroelectric generator takes advantage of local water resources as a renewable energy source. The Serio hydroelectric power plant generates about 350,000 kWh per year, which is used to power the production machinery in Persico’s plants.
  • Morlana hydroelectric power plant
The Morlana hydroelectric power plant has been put into operation again, after being totally renovated. In this case, the original turbine could not be refurbished, so it was replaced with a new vertical-axis Kaplan turbine better capable of handling the fluctuations in the Morlana Canal (Roggia Morlana) flow rate. The turbine can produce peak power of 190 kWp, corresponding to 700,000 kWh of electricity per year to be sold to the largest Italian energy company.
Both hydroelectric power plants generate a sizeable amount of electric energy by harnessing the potential energy of a relatively small hydraulic head (from 2 to 4 meters) without disrupting the natural flow of the waters. The energy yield of the turbines is optimized with the aid of a remote control system that allows for managing any mechanical or hydraulic anomalies.