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A new paradigm to freight transport
The FURBOT project proposes a new concept architecture for a light-duty, fully electrical vehicle for efficient sustainable freight transport in urban areas.
A vehicle prototype is being developed, in order to demonstrate in practice the performances expected.
The main features of the new vehicle are: energy efficiency, sustainability, mobility dexterity, modularity, intelligent automated driving and freight handling robotization.
The design is oriented to harmonically integrate the new features into the vehicle architectures, based on the knowledge of advanced technologies regarding electric power supply, wheel motors, lightweight high strength materials, perceptual systems and intelligent controls.
FURBOT vehicles have new frame-platform structure, new efficient power supply and drive train layout, including new robotic tools for freight manipulation, new internal state sensorial and monitoring system, new perceptual and automated control functions and X- by wire transmission.
The load is considered packaged in freights boxes or ISO pallets. A great effort is devoted to improve the energy efficiency of the system through exploiting different aspects: a new power train layout integrated in the chassis, new battery and energy management system, last generation lightweight and direct drive electric motors, regenerative braking on the four driving wheels, reduced mass, and attentive use of power addressed by the driver assistant or operating within the automated driving module. 
The FURBOT vehicle represents a transport agent that can be used alone but that better exploits its power if used in a fleet offering a new sustainable and very adaptable urban freight transport system. The freight delivery system has been modeled and a simulator has been developed.

The project is coordinated by the University of Pisa. 
Project Organization Activities
•    Cab/Chassis module manufacturing.
•    Machinery Development.

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