Vacuum covering
A sheet of thermoplastic foil is heated by means of IR radiators. By applying a vacuum to the IMG shell, the foil is drawn into the shell and embossed with the shell grain. The foil is then either removed from the mould and trimmed or vacuum laminated onto a carrier part. Subsequently, the foil on the carrier is trimmed again to produce the final foil-covered part.
  • High-speed covering process for TPO or PVC foil
  • Graining on the surface can be applied directly during the process if an IMG shell is used
  • Foil saving run-off (patent)
  • Premium surfaces with high productivity
Fields of application
  • Door carriers, top rolls, inserts, map pockets, armrests
  • Centre consoles
  • Instrument panels
  • Seat back panels
  • Pillars
Optional features
  • Hot kiss cut
  • Cold kiss cut
  • Foil-free substrate (patent)
  • Cutting
  • IMG
  • IMG + IMGL undercut covering (patent)
  • Foil saving chain rail
  • Carrier heating unit