Plastic joining equipment
In 2020, PERSICO acquired the German company BIELOMATIK, with the view to achieving the following strategic results
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  • A complete portfolio of plastic joining technologies.
  • A strategic acquisition in commercial terms, since numerous manufacturers of plastic welding equipment have facilities in Germany.
  • An expanded engineering and production department with about 100 additional specialists, in order to meet customer demand and guarantee timely delivery of the machines requested.
Together, the two companies have become the "go-to experts in plastic welding", with the capacity to offer all possible processes for rigid and soft plastics:
  • BIELOMATIK with extensive experience in welding rigid plastic products
  • PERSICO with significant expertise in both high-frequency and thermal welding of films for the medical field, which is now managed directly by bielomatik
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In selecting the right plastic joining technology for a project, bielomatik is able to analyse all the relevant processes and make the best possible choice to meet each customer’s needs. Starting from the required specifications, we can develop and manufacture an individual machine, a system, or a complete automated production line.
bielomatik offers machines and systems covering all plastic welding technologies:

Heat- and pressure-based 2-stage production process with horizontal or vertical movement of the parts being welded.


Joints of the moulded parts to be welded are heated contact-free by infrared radiation from short-wave or medium-wave radiators, then welded in a pressure- or path-dependent process.


The joining process is particle-free and non-contact: joints of moulded parts to be welded are convection heated by hot exhaust gas, then welded under pressure.


Through oscillating linear relative motion, the contact surfaces of the thermoplastic parts are heated, plasticized and welded.


An established process for both small and large series, involving an abrasion- and shock-free technique with a very small heat-affected zone.


Combines the benefits of focused laser energy input and proven 2-stage infrared welding.


Welding force is applied mechanically. As a rule, the direction of force and vibration is parallel to the joint surface.


To complete its plastic joining offering, bielomatik also supplies gluing solutions, integrated with whatever is needed to prepare the surface to be glued. We can manufacture lines with a core gluing process accompanied by other processes, such as assembly, plasma treatment or flaming.


Thanks to its infrared welding experience, bielomatik has developed COD (Cure On Demand) technology, which enables a drastic reduction in cycle time.


For more details: bielomatik joining systems

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Automation and processing
bielomatik guarantees the design and development of 100% customized solutions.

The aim is to manufacture machinery and production lines with the highest possible degree of customization, for instance, process selection and consultation, layout check, automation concepts, robot simulation, cycle time calculation, preliminary inspections or testing.



  • One point of contact for every complex task
  • Detailed consultation with specialists having broad knowledge of the relevant tasks
  • Long experience in plastic welding technology
  • Decades of experience in finishing blow-moulded parts, robotic control engineering, and handling global projects



  • Design
  • Layout concepts
  • Modular tool system


For more details: bielomatik automation and finishing

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Technology center
Our range of services includes advising customers, improving processes, developing innovative concepts and conducting training sessions.
  • Long experience in manufacturing plastic welding machines, as well as process selection, innovation and process development as a separate business unit
  • In-house design and manufacturing of machines / automation / production layouts / robotic technologies / tools
  • Fully equipped process lab for prototype welding, small-series welding and weld-seam analysis
  • Process technology: personal consultation and expert support on welding processes, automation solutions, as well as internal and external training programmes
  • Development and optimization: developing and testing new technologies, product weld zone design, process optimization, and weld seam strength
  • Process optimization in our own welding lab
  • Test procedures and parameter studies
  • Performing process comparisons
  • Testing and prototyping machines and tools for all relevant welding processes
  • Providing know-how and intensive knowledge exchange
  • Training courses for various target groups

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