Rotomoulding Machines
Persico is a leader in applying the latest technologies and manufacturing techniques to give its customers the edge in high quality tooling and world beating machinery.
 SMART 2.8 SMART H2 Lines


Persico produces advanced fully or partially automated machines to produce hollow seamless mouldings in a wide range of polymers and product sizes. Its latest Smart Technology uses a compact production cell based on the latest rotomoulding technology that is affordable, reliable and simple to use, even for those new to the sector. These machines use Direct Tool Heating (DTH) including electric and diathermic oil systems.

Persico launched their first Smart (Leonardo) machine with Oil DTH in the year 2000. Since then, they have installed SMART solutions for simple and complex products for many users all over the world. Persico guarantee worldwide support for their machines and tooling.

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Key Benefits

  • Compact moulding cell requiring the minimum amount of production space
  • Ability to process a wide range of available polymers with many new market applications
  • High productivity
  • Minimal operator input to pre programmed software.
  • Low energy consumption
  • Repeatable thickness control provided by zoned electric heating element Direct Tool Heating (DTH)
  • Integrated cooling within the machine footprint
  • Precise repeatable dimensions and detail provided by high quality CNC tooling.
  • Full process traceability provided by continuous monitoring using mould temperature probes
  • Polymer properties optimization, using the internal atmosphere control system
DTH (Direct Tool Heating) technology

Its independent heating zones totally control the tool temperature inside and outside.

The inner atmosphere can also be controlled with pressure, vacuum, nitrogen and internal cooling.

  • Reduced Material usage using DTH ability to vary thickness to suit design
  • Optimum processing using temperature monitoring and control inside & outside the tool.
  • Bubble removal aided by internal Vacuum.
  • Reduced polymer oxidation with inert Nitrogen internal atmosphere
  • Reduced cycle time aided by mould pressurization
  • Faster cooling cycles using automated Venting and internal cooling
  • SMART technology guarantees considerable energy savings over the traditional process.
  • Controlled wall thickness helps to reduce the quantity of material required.
  • Shorter and repeatable cycles provided by SMART save time and energy
  • Reduced Scrap using Consistent comprehensive process control
  • Significant cost savings across the whole process are achieved using SMART technology


Repeatable high quality Mouldings
Consistent product quality provided by optimal processing and thickness control

Reduced  product warpage and deformation which allows the use of a wide range of polymers in addition to PE, such as:
PA6 (both liquid and powder), Polyethylene, XLPE, Polypropylene, EVA, PLA, Nylon (both liquid and powder), Polycarbonate, PEEK, Polystyrene, Polyester, Water Soluble Polymers, PVA ABS, EVOH, PVDF.

SMART can produce complex products, such as hydrogen tanks, truck and tractor components, tanks, furniture, fittings, lamps, floor cleaners, ducts, boot panels and pillars.

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SMART is a compact moulding production cell providing a clean, safe production environment.

The working volume (BUBBLE) of SMART machine is 2.8 m diameter with a depth of 1.8 m.

Smart makes it possible to mount a single large and complex mould or multiple smaller moulds on the Machine for each cycle. Heated by numerous independent heating circuits

SMART machine has a very small footprint compared with traditional machines with similar performances.


Having been asked over recent years by customers to provide production systems for manufacturing liners for H2 and CNG tanks, a  specific new generation machine has been developed. This SMART H2 machine provides state of the art production of hollow seamless liners in a variety of polymers using highly developed rotomoulding technology.
Persico can provide design assitance, full product developement, toolmaking, prototyping and pre production. All this can be delivered as a turnkey automated production cell that features:
  • Specifically designed for long cylindrical tank liners the machine operates with @rock and Roll’ motion.
  • high production rates can be achieved by mounting 1, 2, or 3  tools mounted for simultaneous processing
  • Different  sizes available to maximize use of floor space up to 4000 mm boss to boss
  • Post moulding processing of gluing or welding can be avoided by co-moulded fully integrated metal bosses as part of the process.
  • Metal bosses can be co-moulded and fully integrated into the liner as part of the
  • Manual or automated powder and insert loading and product unloading.

SMART can be specified in a number of versions to suit your product and operation.


For when your product or operation needs considerable operator input. The process is stil programed and automatic but all loading and unloading operations are manual.


Semi Automatic  
Specification as per the Manual version but with all or some of the following operations automated.

  • Tool opening and closing with Pneumatics
  • Powder weighing and dosing
  • Releasing and ejection of moulding from tool
  • Insertion and removal of loose pieces and threaded parts into and from tool


Fully Automated
A single or multiple SMART machines can be combined with one or more Robots to provide a fully automated production cell. This cell can be supplied fully tested and delivered turnkey ready for series production.

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Providing high quality, high quantity mouldings eliminating operator input


Project overview

This was an existing product. Each unit was made of 10 rotomolded parts; 10,000 complete units/year were required. Production process previously needed 2 standard carousel machines,  2 sets of 10 moulds and  5 operators.


Customer request: Eliminate manpower required for all rotomoulding operations and reduce the product cost.


Persico solution

  • 3 Smart 2.8 machines
  • Automated handling system with anthropomorphic robots
  • Automatic material filling (4 colours)
  • Electrically heated automated moulds (opening/closing)
  • Fully automated production cell

To reduce energy consumption and material usage with guaranteed quality and traceability.




Rototech, one of Persico’s loyal customers, is a well-known Company in the automotive field, that produces parts in rotational technology.


Rototech has chosen a 100% automatic SMART rotomolding solution, composed of 2 SMART machines and a robot: it lets the Company save 20% of energy and 15% of the raw material (compared to traditional machines) guaranteing virtually zero rejects and waste.

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