Research Labs
With more than 40 years of proven experience, Persico can deliver turnkey projects, involving the development of full production processes: research, raw material testing, codesign, prototyping tools, prototype production, initial assessment of process industrialization, design and construction of tools and machinery, pre-production, systems installation at the customer’s premises, training and after-sales service.
The main advantages of our turnkey service are:
  • Less time to mass production
  • Greater assurance of project quality
  • Better equipment availability even during early production

Most of the problems that may arise during the sample production runs can be dealt with and solved before the equipment is delivered.

The benefits for our customers are evident: you will not have to deal with production set-up issues, which are very different from the requirements of ordinary mass production

Persico has laboratories around the world to support customers during all stages of development.

  • Material testing (testing different materials for the same process)
  • Process testing (testing different processes for the same material)
  • Pre-production (testing before full-scale production)
  • Buy off (testing before final customer approval

Persico offers comprehensive pre- and after-sales service to ensure that all of our delivered machinery and tools achieve the highest level of reliability and performance.




  • FDM 3D printer
  • Press covering scaled simulation line
  • MTS universal testing machine for materials
  • X-Rite spectrophotometer
  • Portable IR spectrometer

Hot presses equipped with thermohydraulic units; temperature regulation option on upper/lower plates, controlled by 5,000-litre diathermic-oil central unit


200 t press
2500 x 1700 mm
800 t press
1800 x 1500 mm
300 t press
3000 x 1800 mm
2300 t press
400 t press
3000 x 1850 mm
Steam unit
Electric steam generator
  • Hot plate oven up to 300°C
    Rolling power 4 tons – 6-zone temperature control
    2 loading levels – automatic heating cycle
  • PU foam machine 
  • Robotic PU sprayer
  • Back injection unit
    200 t roller coater
  • RTM dosing unit
  • IR thermoforming line
    2000 x 2500 mm – 24 zones with 360 kW power


  • Presses
    80 t press

    2000 x 1600 mm
    50 t press
    2500 x 1600 mm
    100 t press
    1400 x 1200 mm
    10 t electric press
    2500 x 1200 mm
  • Glue activation oven     
    Upper tool rotation 0° 180°
    Lower tool rotation 0° 180°
  • Machines
    Single-table thermoforming machine    2000 x 1500 mm
  • Secondary device equipment
  • Thermoforming machine      
  • Roller coater  
  • Glue spraying cabins     
  • Heating oven 120°C
    For plastic parts
  • Hot air oven 40°C
    For glue drying
  • Manual glue sprayer


  • Fibre placement machine
    Supplied by Coriolis and configured by Persico in conjunction with the Coriolis technical team to better serve our custom parts production activities. This is a game changer for so many reasons, in particular, engineering the laminates to make them more structurally efficient. Plastic-free lamination and less debulking has reduced our carbon footprint ten-fold in the process.
  • Autoclaves
    Autoclaves (2)       

    For large parts - dimensions up to 2.6 x 7.2 m
    For medium-sized parts – dimensions up to 9 x 1.6 m
  • Ovens
    Modular ovens (3) 
    5-16 m x 5 m x h 3 m
    5-30 m x 7.5 m x h 4.5 m
    50 m x 15 m x 7.5 m
    Ovens (2)
    45 m x 12 m 
    9 m x 5 m x h 3 m
  • Vacuum table
    For flat part construction – dimensions up to 9.0 m x 4.5 m
  • CNC milling machines 
    3-axis CNC milling machines (3) 
    For large-sized tools with dimensions up to:
    25.0 m x 8.0 m x h 3.1 m
    17.5 m x 6.5 m x h 2.5 m
    8.0 m x 4.5 m x h 2.0 m
  • Plotter
    4 m wide
  • Press
    For moulding sandwich panels with extremely high mechanical characteristics and high-quality finishing
  • Clean rooms
    Clean rooms (2)

    ISO 8 compliant
  • Internal ultrasound machine (NDT)
    For quality control
  • Scanner
    For dimensional scanning of components and reverse engineering
  • Calender
    For roll-forming aluminium and Nomex


  • Conventional rotomoulding machines 
    2.5 m
  • SMART machines
    2.8 SMART – 2.8 m Spider
    1.8 SMART – 1.8 m Spider

  • Thermoforming machines
    Thermoforming machine – in line
    Thermoforming machine - single station
  • Edge folding machines 
    Edge folding machine - single station

    Edge folding machine - in line
    New generation (IntelliTool) 170/160*
  • Presses / Other machines
    Press / ASC riveting machine
    Used exclusively for stretch frames
    ASC riveting machine 
    Press lamination machine including heater bank
    Persico standard press
  • Glue application equipment
    Spray booth
    Roller coater
    Preheating oven     

*Dimension syntax:
Depth/Width in cm
860 mm x 2300 mm 



Welding technology

  • Hot plate
    Hot plate / Infrared

    K2750/ 13
    Hot plate / Infrared / Hot gas
    K2252/ 20
    Hot plate / Infrared
    K2150/ 56
  • Vibration
    Linear vibration

    Linear vibration / Linear vibration with IR preheating
  • Laser
    Quasi-simultaneous 300 Watt (Diode laser / Phaser laser 400 Watt)

    K3633/ 48
    Quasi-simultaneous double-head version 2 x 400 Watt (Phaser laser)
    MLQS 13 P
    LasIR laser-based infrared welding
    K3722/ 11
    LasIR laser-based infrared welding
    K3650/ 15
  • Rotation welding
    Rotation welding servo drive
  • Flexline
    Robot flexcell for rotation welding / hot plate welding / punching / cutting, etc.    
  • Test equipment
    Impulse welding

    Bag finishing
    High frequency (HF) welding
    Burst water pressure testing
    Tensile testing – Zwick one-dimension strength 

    Melt Flow Index (MFI) 
    For plastic material
    Microtome cutting tool
    To check the split line



  • Electric presses (2)      
  • Glue spray booth with hot-air oven      
  • Roller coater   
  • bielomatik lab machines (3)     
  • Kiefel thermoforming machine
  • 3D-stitch cell  



  • Laser welding machine
    K3633 imported from bielomatik in 2015; now mainly for customer sample testing
  • Tipo di machina ???
    K3550 servo driven, touch screen
    Main applications: 3C, medical, packaging
  • Glue application machine
    Launched in 2021 for customer samples and testing
  • Single-station vacuum lamination/forming machine, IMG/IMGL
    Kiefel KL 120/225 launched in 2021, for mould testing only
  • Press covering
  • Vacuum covering and glue application
  • Preheating oven