Capitalizing on its technological leadership in research, development and experimentation, Persico supplies advanced tools and equipment to industry-leading customers.


Persico provides consulting and R&D services (simulations, case studies, prototyping and process testing) and supplies the market with industrial solutions, such as machinery, turnkey lines, robotic cells and tools.


Compression Covering Vacuum covering and IMGL Edge folding Punching Rotomoulding
More than 60 different types of processable materials:
  • Thermoplastic materials
    PU, PVC, TPO, fake leather, PP GF, GF stone, NF, GF, honeycomb, organ sheet, PET, Dilour, TPO, TPE, EPDM, EVA, nonwovens and resins
  • Thermosetting materials
    PU foam, melamine foam, honeycomb-PU.GF; fibre: NFPP, nonwovens, Alcantara, glass fibre, cotton fibre, resins, SMC carbon  
  • Metallic materials
    AIMg3, Al 99.5, single and multilayer
  • Plastic materials
    Polyethylene, XLPE, polypropylene, EVA, PLA, liquid nylon, nylon powder, polycarbonate, ABS, EVOH, PVDF, PEEK,polystyrene, polyester, water soluble, PVA


A wide range of technologies:

  • Forming
    One-step forming with back injection, compression forming (free and pre-tensioning), compression forming (single and dual density), vacuum forming
  • Covering 
    One-step covering, press covering, vacuum covering, in-groove covering, glueless covering, EcoCover
  • And many others
    Foaming, edge folding, cutting, composite production processes, welding, vacuum thermoforming and rotomoulding


More than 2,200 solutions implemented in the industrial plant engineering market during our 46 years in business to support the most diverse technological needs and demands: 

  • Presses
  • Robotic cells, 
  • Pre-forming machinery
  • Turnkey lines
  • SMART rotomoulding technology
  • Vacuum KLS thermoforming machines
  • Welding machines
  • Flex lines 

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Persico’s Engineering Department is the driving force that has enabled the company to become the industry standard for the sector.


Persico offers the extensive combined experience of a strong team of technicians, process engineers and designers working daily, side by side with customers, to fulfil market needs.


Persico is the most qualified industrial engineering firm in the market available to help companies understand the optionsbefore choosing, investigate before investing and test before producing.


Choosing Persico means:


1. Saving, as the company offers:
  • Pre-design feasibility studies
  • Fast prototyping
  • Process simulation
  • Material testing


2. Sharing, as the company guarantees: 
  • Professional integration with the customer’s design team
  • Co-design and co-working with the customer
  • The same team for the customer from project analysis to delivery


3. Flexibility, as the company can supply:
  • Not only standard products and services, but also innovative solutions
  • Not only new plants, but also studies for revamping existing ones

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