Persico offers a wide range of presses for production lines. Capitalizing on its technological leadership in research, development and experimentation, Persico supplies advanced plant and equipment to industry-leading customers.

Long Stroke Short Stroke Presses Mould Carriers Servo Presses Lamination Presses 


Persico supplies presses for the following technologies:

  • NVH
Key Features
  • High productivity due to high performance (speed, pressure build up, etc.)
  • Superior quality product, thanks to the latest technology on the market
  • Energy saving solutions
  • Press process parameter control
  • Predictive diagnosis
  • Industry 4.0
  • Integrated automatic tool change systems
  • Advanced mould thermoregulation solutions
  • Automatic process
  • Can be integrated with other machinery to deliver a turnkey solution

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Based on your needs, you can choose the best solution from our portfolio of advanced technical machinery:


If you are looking for a conventional press that is the perfect compromise between price and performance, Persico offers long-stroke presses with:

  • Compact footprint
  • Hydraulic unit on the top of the machine
  • Accumulator units for energy efficiency
  • Floating rollers for free slide motion during the forming process
  • Planar levelling system for parallel ram slide motion 
  • Linear axis solution for an automatic production process
  • Robot integration

Long-stroke presses can handle a wide range of applications from 1 to 5,000 tons.

All characteristics can be customized according to your specifications.


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Our short-stroke press technology offers the following benefits:

  • Higher quality products with great control of thermoformed part thickness.
  • Energy savings due to reduced oil volume for high moulding force
  • More flexible forming process suitable for both thermosetting and thermoforming
  • Increased production efficiency with the shortest cycle time
  • Space saving and adjustable to fit the height of your building


Persico’s short-stroke presses are available up to 5,000 tons of force.

All characteristics can be customized according to your specifications.


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Persico offers mould carriers and automatic cells for PUR and composite processes. Our customer-tailored solutions and standard equipment can be integrated into existing plants.

Both electric and hydraulic mould carrier models feature:

  • Automatic mould tilting plates
  • Pivoting machine frame function
  • Sliding lower mould solutions
  • Automatic mould clamping devices
  • Release agent application
  • Fume suction devices
  • IR ovens
  • Automatic film application

PUR processing can be done in open or closed moulds, according to customer requirements. Persico can provide turnkey solutions.  

Persico can offer its services either as an integrator to existing plants or a turnkey supplier.


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Persico Servo Presses

This concept machinery offers the maximum precision in mould technology and materials.

Stand alone or in-line solutions can be provided with different options for press covering, edge folding and true shape processes.

Main features:

  • Servo drive motion
  • Motor control for high performance in accuracy
  • Energy saving using a regenerative system
  • Closed-loop positioning and torque control
  • Ethernet control of all parameters for diagnostic and remote assistance
  • Possibility of working with a partial mould  
  • Hot/cold mould applications
  • Upper tilting plate 
  • Rotating lower plate 

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Persico Lamination Presses

Lamination or calibration presses are indispensable machines for heating and calibrating the material within a thermoforming process.

This type of machine allows the treatment of different types of materials such as natural fibre impregnated with PP, thermoplastic or composite materials.

Key features:

  • the electric heating system or diathermic oil
  • optimization of energy consumption
  • processability of several different materials in one step
  • reduction of maintenance times and machine down times thanks to the Persico servo-motorized fabric system
  • automatic system for transporting inbound / outbound material tiles
  • a rolling force from 50 to 400T
  • stand-alone solution or integrated in production lines

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