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New 3D stitching technology by Persico

Sew your automotive thermoformed parts in an innovative and efficient way.

Discover how to create an aesthetical
sewing line without manual process.

Persico integrates its robotic cells sewing heads with the revolutionary Real Time Scanning technology.

What’s 3D stitching

The 3D sewing process implements a sewing machine on a robotic arm that sews the threads on the 3D-formed leather along the paths provided by the CAD model.

Why 3D stitching

The high-quality standard reached by this process, drastically reduces the scrap ratio of the manual sewing and it’s particularly effective with big and complex parts like instrument panels.

Persico 3D stitching advantages

Reduced process cycle time ~ 30% compared to our competitors, thanks to Realtime Scanner

• Swivel tool changer eliminates externally mounted cables running from axis 3 to sewing head
• Robust sewing head design and construction
• Improved sewing head registration at sewing head cart for exchange with robot 

• Real time scanning (RTS)
• Accommodates wider part variation (+/- 5 mm from nominal)
• Alignment accuracy to +/- 0.5 mm
• Reduced part rejects 

• Improved clearance under part fixture for sewing head accessibility
• Predictive tools
• Simulation software program uploadable to robot with consequent minimal part tuning
• RFID utilized to confirm proper sewing head and part fixture matched to program
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