R&D Dept
Innovation is what makes Persico Rotomoulding a leader in its field.
The Persico Research and Development Department is well equipped to collaborate with major raw materials producers.
Persico R&D uses both traditional moulding machines and Persico’s own fully automated Smart rotational machines, as well as a full range of laboratory testing equipment.
The R&D team can test processes and materials taking advantage of Smart’s process control and wide spectrum of output data.
With Persico’s exclusive built-in technology, Smart machines allow you to monitor and control each and every parameter of the moulding process.
The machine provides a wealth of data that can be used to adjust the input parameters in order to optimize the plastic moulding process.
Although the rotomoulding market has huge potential, today it is hampered by the limited offering of polyethylene alternatives.
Some materials already on the market have not yet found their best use in the rotomoulding sector, because they can cause problems during the traditional moulding process due to the lack of automation and process control.
Therefore, Persico’s R&D team has acquired specific expertise and has focused on improving the usability of the following special materials: