Leonardo Fully Automated Rotational Moulding Machine
Leonardo is the first rotomoul­ding machine with a fully automated cycle. It is a compact production chamber, where all operations – heating, cooling, loading and unloading – take place.
  • Operation
By means of patented technology, the heating and cooling elements are applied directly to a very limited part of the mould surface. This feature makes it possible to use all kinds of automated devices outside the chamber, including ones that cannot normally be utilized for rotational moulding because of the heat build-up in the heating zone (conventional oven).
  • Production
The raw material is automatically loaded into the mould. This method offers a number of advantages, particularly, more precise distribution of the material inside the mould, as well as less powder dispersion in the area around the mould.
  • Automated Demoulding
In the final stage, the part is extracted, again by a fully automated operation.

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Leonardo is the pinnacle of moulding technology. If traditional rotational moulding, blow moulding and injection moulding cannot meet your specific application needs, Leonardo is the clear choice.

Persico Leonardo Machinery
  • Leonardo vs. Traditional Moulding
Leonardo’s accurate process control, which is made possible by the direct heating of the mould, has optimized rotational moulding technology.

Mould heating to process temperature is done quickly, and that translates into a minimum reduction of 15% in moulding time.

Continuous control and monitoring of mould temperature ensure the optimal distribution of the material inside the mould, with a decrease of 15% or more in raw material consumption. Moreover, minimal wall thickness in the critical areas of the mould is guaranteed.

Process repeatability makes the Leonardo system highly stable and consistent, thus reducing waste caused by process variables, some of which are difficult to keep under control in traditional moulding methods. Because of the tight tolerances achieved, the Leonardo moulding process is particularly suited to complex geometric shapes and technical components, such as those required in the automotive industry. With a Leonardo machine, the waste percentage is practically reduced to zero.

Lower energy consumption is still another advantage of Leonardo technology over traditional oven heating processes. Energy consumption is reduced by 30% to 70%, depending on the heating method used (diathermic oil or electric).

The innovative partial vacuum moulding technique implemented on the Leonardo machine and moulds allows you to obtain clearly superior aesthetic and mechanical characteristics (no porosity or pinholes). What’s more, thanks to lower process temperatures, there is a further reduction in consumption and cycle times.
  • Leonardo vs. Blow Moulding
Rotational moulding using the Leonardo machine may be a valid alternative to blow moulding when there are special aesthetic requirements for the parts (decorative parts or parts to be painted) or highly complex geometric shapes. Additionally, Leonardo ensures high processing standards and lower investment even for small lot production (less that 15,000 pieces/year). Persico offers two Leonardo versions to best meet your specific needs:
Available in two models
  • Diathermic Oil Leonardo
The diathermic oil version of the Leonardo rotational moulding machine is particularly suitable for large-size moulds that do not necessitate different temperatures in different areas of the mould, but a highly uniform overall temperature. The highly efficient cooling of the mould achieved by the oil system yields thick-walled parts that are distortion free. The high speed cooling is aided by cooling inside the mould with air or water, or a combination of the two.
  • Electric Leonardo
The new fully electric Leonardo rotational moulding machine has an innovative heating system consisting of a series of resistors applied directly on the mould surface.

Persico Leonardo machinery  
As the diathermic oil mould heating and cooling systems have been eliminated, the electric machine has a much smaller environmental footprint.

The electric Leonardo provides for setting different temperatures in the various zones of the mould. This innovative technology using dedicated electric circuits allows for differentiated control of part wall thickness, ensuring the right thickness in the most critical zones. Moreover, there is a consistent reduction in material consumption and shorter moulding times.

The fast heating of the inside of the mould up to high temperatures (over 300°C) enables the moulding of new generation materials and engineering plastics that are difficult to mould using conventional machines with ovens. Vacuum moulding assisted by inert gas (nitrogen) ensures the mouldability of materials such as polyamides (PA6 powder and liquid, PA6.6, PA11, PA12), PC and PLA.