PA6 Industry
Persico designs and supplies automated production plants for the manufacture of nylon (polyamide 6) semi-finished products using anion polymerization.
These systems feature a high degree of automation and sophisticated process control.
Innovative and versatile production plants
Each automated production plant covers an area of about 500 m2 and produces semi-finished products using nylon obtained from the anionic melt polymerization of caprolactam.

Compared to other technologies, such as extrusion and injection, this process allows you to obtain nylon with the best mechanical characteristics possible.

Persico PA6 Starting from liquid caprolactam at 120°C, this plant can produce about 250 different semi-finished products of different dimensions and a total output of 6,000 kg of PA6 pieces per day.

The production plants use anthropomorphic cartesian robots to automatically mould nylon objects: bars with diameters from 20 mm to 800 mm; flat slabs weighing up to 500 kg; and pipes with wall thicknesses from 80 to 600 mm.

A high degree of automation – only two operators are needed to produce about 3,000 pieces a day – and rigorous process control are the main advantages.
Customers who invest in a Persico automated production plant can quickly become among the leaders in the field as a result of the plant’s production capacity, both in terms of production variety and volume.
PA6 melt: ideal for large-size pieces
The production method used to obtain the PA6 melt, i.e., caprolactam polymerization directly in the mould, ensures the best mechanical characteristics for semi-finished or finished pieces of large dimensions, such as bars, flat slabs or pipes.

PA6 melt is stiffer than extruded PA6 and features good wear resistance, tensile and compression strength, and excellent fatigue resistance.

Persico PA6 Parts manufactured by this process are self-lubricating; thanks to their low friction coefficient, they do not require additional lubrication.

They also boast good weather and low temperature resistance.

The chief applications for this technology are the mechanical, food and chemical industries.

Since PA6 melt is an ideal material for the production of large semi-finished parts, it is widely used in the mechanical industry for the manufacture of large diameter gears, cams, pulleys, wheels and anti-wear guides.