Persico Marine Composite Components: Processes
Infusion technology
  • High-quality laminate (low void content, high fibre-to-resin ratio)
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Repeatable results
  • Part weight reduction (especially benefitting sailboat hulls, multihulls and fast powerboats)
  • Laminate offering the highest possible strength and structural properties

Persico marine process: Infusion technology

Pre-preg lamination
  • Very precisely controlled fibre-to-resin ratios
  • Highly controlled tack and drape (in thermoset matrices)
  • Controlled resin flow during the cure process
  • Pre-preg materials can be produced, prepared and stored
  • Can be used in hand lay-up production

Persico marine process: Pre-preg lamination

Sprint© pre-preg technology
  • Award-winning technology developed by Gurit
  • Enables the manufacture of thick-section laminates with low void content
  • Autoclave quality using standard curing and vacuum bag processing
  • Excellent material handling
  • Good health and safety
  • Fast lay up
  • Lower cost
  • Excellent laminate quality
  • Reliability and repeatability
  • No debulking required

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