Persico Marine Composite Components: Moulds
Graphite moulds
  • Fast and easy to machine
  • Accurate tooling compound
  • Perfect carbon CTE matching for perfect high temperature production
  • Reusable material
  • Thermally stable

Persico marine composite components: Graphite moulds

Aluminium moulds

Besides the large array of benefits given by the CNC milling process (dimensional precision, low tolerances and a very short lead time compared to other applicable technologies), aluminium moulds feature:
  • Improved durability
  • Higher polish level (100 gloss)
  • Better environmental care at no extra cost. (Mould disposal is not a cost for shipyards, as they get a refund of about 30% of the initial purchase price of the aluminium block)

Persico marine composite components: Aluminium moulds

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