BIELOMATIK plastic welding systems
2020 Acquisition of BIELOMATIK
bielomatik logo In order to enhance its operations in the medical field, in April 2020 PERSICO acquired BIELOMATIK a company based in Neuffen (Germany), with a view to achieving the following strategic results:
  • Completion of the portfolio of welding technologies, encompassing laser welding, hot plate welding and impulse welding; the company is now in a position to offer all the technologies used in the medical field in order to weld soft and rigid materials

  • Increase the size of the production site by 10,000 m2, in order to enable maximum safety and security for the assembly operations and the testing of the assembly lines

  • Augment the engineering and production department by recruiting an additional 100 or so specialists, in order to guarantee the delivery times of the machines being requested by clients

  • Strategic acquisition, in commercial terms, since numerous manufacturers of medical equipment have facilities in Germany
Together, the two companies have become the "home of plastic welding", with the capacity to offer all possible processes for rigid and soft plastics:
  • BIELOMATIK, with its extensive experience in the welding of rigid plastic products

  • Persico, with its significant experience in both the high-frequency and thermal welding of films
BIELOMATIK welding technologies
  • Laser welding*

  • Vibration welding with infrared pre-heating

  • Vibration welding

  • Ultrasonic welding

  • Gluing / Surface treatments*

  • Infrared welding medium wave

  • High frequency welding*

  • Infrared welding short wave

  • Impulse welding*

  • 2-Step Laser Welding*

  • Heat staking

  • Hot-Gas welding (New patented tech)

  • Hotplate welding*
* Usual Technologies for Medical
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