As a turnkey systems producer, Persico boasts a wide portfolio of standard solutions using different technologies.
Our extensive experience and achievements in the automotive industry demonstrate that we understand and meet our customer needs.
We have all the know-how to design and manufacture machinery with pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical systems for the finishing and final assembly of car interior parts made of all kinds of materials.
Persico can supply full production systems for:
  • Carpet forming, foaming and cutting
  • Wheel arch and boot side forming and cutting
  • Headliner forming, cutting, covering, edge folding and final assembly
  • Door panel, insert and armrest (NFPP) forming, back injection, vacuum covering, glueless covering, edge folding, thermocovering, welding and gasketing
  • Dashboard, tunnel and insulation forming, foaming and cutting
  • Under engine hot air and IR heating, forming and cutting
  • Instrument panel (NFPP) forming and cutting, prefixing, press covering, foaming and edge wrapping
  • Heat shield forming and cutting
  • Bonnet liner forming and cutting
  • Back seat covering and edge wrapping
  • Load floor in PU Composite Spray Moulding (PU-CSM), lamination and edgewrapping

  • Compression technology for SMC, GMT, LFT, HP RTM exterior parts
  • Carbon fibre part preforming, cutting and thermoplastic forming