Persico Architecture
The use of composites in the architectural world is experiencing radical changes and technological quantum leaps.
Carbon fibre was once seen as simply a structural additive. Now it is part of the architectural language, allowing for freedom of shape and previously unheard of lightness.
In its over 40 years of history, Persico has engaged in numerous projects with renowned artists, designers, architects and engineers.
Some of the most notable works Persico has collaborated on include the Proust chair designed by Alessandro Mendini for Magis, the Spun chair by Heatherwick, again for Magis, and the production of several installations for the Cracking Art Group. On the engineering side, noteworthy is the longest stressed ribbon bridge in Spain over the Júcar River in Cuenca.
Persico Architecture is now ready to take on more challenging projects, working side by side with the best architects in the world to provide efficient, modular and unique solutions for modern architecture, especially for filigree construction. The engineering team has recently expanded, with the addition of several new key staff members.