Persico offers a wide range of services for the manufacture of satellite components:
  • Design and co-design
  • Product development
  • Prototypes
  • Pre-series
  • Assembly jigs
  • Control equipment
  • Production tools  
Over the years, Persico Group has garnered extensive experience in developing and constructing added-value aluminium, titanium and carbon equipment for the manufacture of civilian and military satellite components.

Persico has broad expertise in the numerical control manufacturing of large pieces using 3- and 5- axis machines and a Design Department equipped with CAD-CAM systems for the creation of mathematical models, tool-path generation and structural validation using finite element methods.

Panels moulded with Persico tools and know-how contributed to the successful missions of the Galileo, Cosmo, Sicral and Alfa spacecrafts.

Persico has executed the following satellite projects:
  • Thin-shell Invar 36 moulds (up to 6-m long) for the production of main reflectors and antennas.
  • Cast aluminium and welded steel assembly and drilling jigs.
  • Cast aluminium and welded steel x-ray checking fixtures.
  • Full design, manufacturing, laser tracking and dimension control.