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Tango, the latest Wallycento superyacht, is successfully launched
Tango, the fourth unit of the highly competitive Wallycento fleet, was successfully launched at Persico Marine facility in the Ligurian west coast.
Savona, Italy –Tango, the fourth unit of the highly competitive Wallycento fleet, was successfully launched at Persico Marine facility in the Ligurian west coast. The stepping operation was completed after the yacht touched the water; Tango gets ready for the sea-trial before the delivery to her passionate owner, scheduled at the end of August.
“Tango turned out exactly how we envisaged her when we started developing the project: super sleek lines and aggressive overall appeal conveying her high performance DNA.” proudly says Luca Bassani, Wally President “Additionally, our form-reflects-function approach is epitomised in Tango’s sheer flush deck in the like of  the iconic Esense: besides enhancing the purity of the design,  it would facilitate the manoeuvres while racing.  We look forward to the sea-trials and test the predicted superior performance of our new superyacht.”
Along with Wally’s over 20 years know-how, the new Wallycento boasts Mark Mills’ naval architecture, Pinifarina interior design and  Persico Marine construction technology: the perfect mix to produce a magnificent speed-machine.
Wallycento Tango
“We are extremely pleased with our first cruising superyacht: Tango weighs only 47,5 tons thanks to the overall optimisations developed at the beginning of the project.  Specifically, we worked hard to lighten the interiors as much as possible, not just using carbon fiber and nomex sandwich in the joinery construction, but also developing different solutions to build, for example, the hinges and veneers.” explains Marcello Persico, Persico Marine CEO. “Our new team uniquely combines the expertise in sound pure racing boats such as the VORs, Mini Maxis, and America’s Cups catamarans, with that in the most refined cruising superyachts
“This extraordinary group of highly qualified professionals allowed us to deploy the latest know-how in every area of the yacht, from the composite to the interiors up to the very innovative systems and sail controls. Being Tango our first full custom cruising yacht, we decided to invest a lot of time and energy in the early development of the design of the whole boat, and started the construction after confirming all the solutions and aspects of the design.
After two years of non-stop dedication and work, I still can’t believe to see the finished yacht: it’s a very emotional moment and can’t wait to sail her!” happily concludes Persico.
Naval architecture
Tango introduces a new naval architect in the Wally projects, Mark Mills of Mills Design, with whom the Monegasque yachting disruptor shares the same vision of innovations that can be applied to this type of yachts.
“Tango is our largest project to date and also we believe the most innovative, the most stylish, and certainly one of the most satisfying to develop in collaboration with the client, Wally, Pininfarina, and Persico Marine” says Mark Mills of Mills Design “We owe our involvement to the vision of Luca Bassani who suggested us to bring a fresh mindset to the Wallycento design question.” 
“We developed a radical proposal combining dramatic deck geometry with a novel interior layout for the most efficient result within the Wallycento box-rule, integrated with the structure to a level not yet seen in a yacht of this size.” continues Mills.  “That proposal very quickly became Tango, after huge amounts of detail development, but very little deviation from the original vision for a sleek, light, and exciting sailing machine.”
“A relevant  Tango’s technical attribute is to have the immersed volume of the hull more forward than the previous Wallycentos, and the aft lines are cleaner and more stretched: an hydrodynamic option that I much appreciate” adds Luca Bassani. “Mark’s initial idea to have a displacement close to the minimum required by the box-rule, combined with the maximum sail plan allowed, would bring some advantages in the typical lights airs of the Mediterranean conditions.”
Wallycento Tango
Tango’s interior layout places the main salon aft, the engine room and service area amidships, and the guest accommodation forward.
“Tangos’ cruising comforts equal those of the previous Wallycentos whilst her different interior layout further concentrates the weights over the boat center of gravity.” remarks Bassani.
The contemporary interior design carries the signature of  Pininfarina, the renowned design brand, reflecting the visionary approach of Tango’s owner to have the inside-outside consistency. The team of Pinifarina nautical division engaged the challenge to develop outstanding ultra-light interiors that would match the superyacht DNA.  "The interior design of this Wallycento challenged our team to achieve the perfect balance of performance and comfort.” says Paolo Pininfarina, Pininfarina Group Chairman “Thanks to the selection of the materials and the innovative solutions of the interior decoration delivering both function and aesthetics,  we generated a true thoroughbred of the sea, ultra-light and super performing, perfectly suitable for cruising as well as for racing. We are very proud of this accomplishment further confirming the excellence of our nautical division.”
Tango will be premiered at the Yacht Club de Monaco, on the 26 September and in the morning of the Monaco Yacht Show opening day (27 September), while she makes her racing debut at the Les Voiles de Saint Tropez, where she faces the high competition of the other three Wallycentos. A show not to miss!
length o.a. 30,48 m
beam max 7,2 m
draught 4,40 / 6,20 m
displacement 47,5 tons
speed (engine) 11 knots
sail area 640 m2
accommodation 6 guests + 2/4 crew
naval architecture Mills Design
exterior design Wally / Mills Design
interior design Pininfarina
construction Persico Marine
certification Germanish Lloyd
mast and boom Southern Spars
rigging EC6 Southern Spars
engine 267kW/ 360 hp
Wallycento Tango
About Wallycento 
Wallycento is the box-ruled superyacht  by Wally: a groundbreaking super yacht developed from the innovative lines of the latest racing yachts featuring reduced displacement, a powerful sail plan, moveable ballast, improved stability and planing hull characteristics.
Cento stands for onehundred, that is the overall length in feet of the new racer-cruiser: it is the perfect size  to combine absolute comfort, outstanding performance, and racing manoeuvrability.
The simple Wallycento box-rule has been designed to create closely matched fast seaworthy sound cruiser-racers that benefit from the latest performance technology, respecting the Wally spirit.
Photo Credits: Virgilio Fidanza