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Space Meetings Veneto
We had the pleasure of participating in the second day of the Space Meetings Veneto, in the session called Space Suppliers Summit and dedicated to the space supply chain and satellite industry.
Marcello Persico, CEO of Persico Marine, took part in the round table discussion as part of the "Access to Space" panel to talk about Persico's experience as a leading global provider of advanced manufacturing solutions for the automotive, marine, aerospace, and industrial sectors, and how our cutting-edge technologies and highly skilled team allow us to deliver innovative and reliable solutions to our customers around the world.

It was a pleasure to be able to take part in such an interesting discussion and to engage with other great people in the field - like Giulio Ranzo CEO AVIO​, Paolo Bellomi CTO AVIO and CEO #Finnisterrae, Tommaso Ghidini, Ph. D. Head of the Mechanical Department European Space Agency - ESA, Andrea Capuani COO Vanzetti Engineering  and paride saleri, President and Founder OMB SALERI SPA - with whom excellent points of discussion arose.