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Persico Group: gradual reopening
Persico Group: gradual reopening in compliance with government decrees and anti-Covid-19 measures.
Persico Group: gradual reopening in compliance with government decrees and anti-Covid-19 measures.
Persico Group is gradually resuming some production activities in total compliance with government decrees [Decrees of the President of the Council of Ministers – DCPM] and all other measures adopted to counter the Covid-19 pandemic.
During the first two weeks of March, Persico independently implemented a complex social distancing and safety plan for its workers, including, for instance, smart working practices for over 35% of its personnel. Nonetheless, on 16 March, the Group decided to halt all business activities and to sanitize all of its facilities. Thus, operations were totally suspended one week earlier than the date of 22 March set for a nationwide lockdown by government decree.
To protect the health and safety of everyone, Persico’s production lockdown was also extended to activities eligible to be kept open and fully operational according to their economic activity classification (ATECO) code, as specified by government decree. Only after unions and management reached a consensus and signed a protocol with worker protection procedures and methods for a gradual restart did Persico resume work in some departments beginning on 20 April.
Following the updated government measures announced by the President of the Council of Ministers on the evening of 26 April, Persico continued to gradually restart operations moving towards the total reopening of all departments on 4 May, always observing the Covid-19 safety and prevention protocols that the company had already put in place voluntarily.
All production lines active today are working in full compliance with all provisions of the law. The carefully thought-out procedures have been agreed on by unions and management and, above all, provide for the total safety of our workers: staggered arrival times, temperature checks, work stations at a distance even greater than set by law, shorter shifts to allow for the closing of our canteen to avoid gatherings, and all personal protective equipment (PPE) readily available. These are the main measures implemented to safeguard personnel working on the company premises. All workers who perform functions allowing them to carry on remote smart working and are set up to do so (202 out 428 employees) will continue to work remotely.
Persico Group believes that the synergistic combination of the above initiatives and measures demonstrates how a high-technology, export-oriented company can react, proactively and effectively, to the dramatic challenge that the entire world is facing today due to the coronavirus outbreak.