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Persico Group elected as ABB Value Provider
On June 23, in the city of Nembro, Persico Group was officially recognized as ABB Value Provider, an occasion to celebrate a reliable partner and a new start.
Persico Group premiata per l progetto WHP Bergamo
ABB Robotics has added another member, number eight, to its ABB Value Providers network of certified partners in Italy.

Persico Group, an Italian multinational engaged in the automotive, industrial and machine industries, and an ABB partner for over 15 years, has been officially recognized as ABB Value Provider.
During many years of collaboration, the two companies have developed robotized solutions featuring advanced technology for the automotive industry and beyond.In 2018, at the ABB Value Provider Conference, Persico Group received a prize for the most innovative robotic application.

Persico Group is focusing on automation and the deployment of robotics in its reference industries; therefore, following a period of joint operations and training, they have obtained the certification of ABB Value Provider, celebrated with an official ceremony at their headquarter in Nembro.

“We are proud of this acknowledgment that recognizes our vision, focused on the key role of automation in our core business,” said Alessandra Persico, Vice President Purchasing&Operations.

"For the first time in our certification program, we have organized an official ceremony to offre the certification: it's a celebration and, at the same time, an opportunity to share our experience of joint work," said Giulia Vismara, Channel Partner Manager at ABB Robotics Italia. In this unprecedented situation, the ceremony is even more significant, as it celebrates the further consolidation of an existing partnership and a new start of the industrial sector.

“Being ABB Value Provider means facing the market with a competitive edge, having access to ABB's certified expertise and many more benefits, while relying on worldwide technical and sales support” said Claudia Persico, Vice President Sales&Marketing at Persico Group.

With this new achievement, Persico Group reaffirms its role of excellent partner in the automation business.
Persico Group premiata per l progetto WHP Bergamo