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In house at Persico: One-step forming and back-injection technology
Persico’s new one-step In house forming and back-injection trial station
Persico has developed a one-step mould for the forming of natural fibre polypropylene (NFPP) sheets and back injection with thermoplastic. Thus both operations can be performed in one production stage, instead of two in sequence. 

Now Persico can independently provide one-step forming and back injection services in its own facilities.

Persico’s trial station consists of:
  •  a 300-ton hot-plate press for heating and calibrating the NFPP sheets.
  •  an 800-ton forming press on which the mould is mounted, and
  •  an injection unit (on the latter press) that injects the thermoplastic material into the closed mould.

With the above in-house system, we can perform back-injection testing (not limited to NFPP sheets) on customer request, in order to produce one-step forming and back-injection tools and the related production lines.

In addition, our trial station allows us to fully test our moulds by producing trial lots for customer approval.

Persico teamed up with automotive part maker Faurecia in successfully carrying out the one-step forming and back-injection project. 

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