Persico Industrial
The world of components for Agriculture, Construction, Trucks&Buses and Railways is entering a new era.
Now the features that make a difference to customers are:
  • Lightness – vehicles that use less fuel.

  • Aesthetics – better-looking vehicles.

  • Mechanical stress resistance – safer vehicles.

Our mission is to help our customers design better quality heavy vehicles and equipment, with greater value added than the ones currently available.

We work in open collaboration and full synergy with our customers’ moulders to achieve the final objective: higher end-user satisfaction.

Persico Industrial can be viewed as a four-wheel drive heavy-duty truck.

The rear wheels represent the technological heart of Persico Group: our solidly grounded advanced moulding technologies that can meet any of our customers' special requirements.

And the front wheels are Persico Industrial's team of skilled business developers: our dedicated professionals who can build partnerships with OEM customers and moulders in order to provide added value to our partners' businesses and end customers.

In addition, Persico Industrial boasts a global supply chain.

With our local sites in the world's largest industrial markets (EU, North America, South America and Asia), our customer support team is always close at hand.

Persico's motto is "giving shape to your ideas".

Our products and services – from co-design to mould and machinery manufacturing – are developed to meet our customers' specific needs.

We supply custom-built moulds, machinery and presses for applications using numerous technologies:
We're not just an ordinary mouldmaker.

Our job starts with listening to you – our customer.

We offer tailored solutions for the manufacture of plastic and composite components, drawing on Persico Group's forty years of know-how in state-of-the-art mould design for numerous industries: automotive, industrial (trucks, agricultural vehiclesand heavy equipment), aerospace / aeronautics and marine.

Persico is a full-service solution provider who works side by side with customers to determine the best moulding technology on a case-by-casebasis.

As required, we can supply turnkey projects, directly overseen by us through all development stages: design, rapid prototyping, design modelling and fibre-reinforced resin moulding.

We provide all necessary before- and after-sales services: mould and machinery testing in our plant, pre-series and sample production, training and after-sales technical assistance.