Automatic Bag Making lines
Persico Healthcare offers state-of-the-art full production lines for medical bags
Persico design, engineer and build turnkey production systems for the manufacture of all kinds of medical bags like:
Persico Healthcare technicians
  • IV bags

  • nutrition bags

  • stoma care bags

  • blood bags

  • urine bags

  • urinal catheters

  • drainage bags
Technical department of more than 50  technicians (mechanical, mechatronic and software engineers) able to develop and design standard and fully customized plant.
Persico Healthcare also support customer in the design of new items and prototypes production
Technical support in the design of new items and prototyping activities.
  • Two clean rooms with a total area of 500 sq m. are available for line testing and pre-series production Designed for ISO 8

  • Ready to be upgraded for ISO 7
Persico Healthcare manufactures, assembles and tests full production lines
Wide production area (8.000 sqm) to assemble large production lines.
Assembling facilities are divided in independent buildings in order to meet all the confidentiality requirements.
Persico Healthcare integrates a wide range of technologies for dedicated production lines
Persico Healthcare technologies
  • Printing: Thermal transfer, hot printig laser, flexographic and ink jet

  • Cutting: Punching die or laser cutting

  • Welding: High-frequency, thermo-contact and thermo impulse

  • Surface treatments: Corona, plasma

  • Adhesive distribution: Hot melt

  • Fully automatic handling processes with robots

  • Packaging machines

  • Quality control and data recording, according to FDA standards
Persico Healthcare guarantees after sales technical service worldwide
Persico Healthcare technical service
The Standard Technical Service:
  • Mechanical, Software, HF and Process Assistance

  • Real-time telephone consulting service

  • Remote assistance service

  • Intervention of skilled technicians at the Customer's plant
The Quick Technical Service is available on request every day 24h:
  • Hot Line &Modem connection for Assistance 24h

  • Intervention within 12/24 Hours

Local after sales services available in Italy, France, UK, USA, Mexico, China.
Persico's turnkey production systems can be engineered and built for all kind of medical bags
Persico Healthcare Infusion bags
Infusion bags:
(from PVC tubolar or calandered film)
  • Production speed: up to 4000 bags/hour (one liter bag)

  • Bags volume: from 100 ml to 5000 ml

  • With one/two tubes
Infusion bags:
(from PVC Free film)
  • Production speed: up to 4000 bags/hour (one liter bag)

  • Bags volume: from 50 ml to 5000 ml

  • With one/two tubes or boat port
Persico Healthcare blood bags
Blood bags:
  • Production speed: up to 2000 bags/hour

  • Bags volume: 350 ml-450 ml-600 ml

  • Kind of bags: with/whitout protected ports
Soft blood filters:
(leukocyte reduction)
  • Production speed: up to 1200 filters/hour

  • Bags volume: 350 ml-450 ml-600 ml

  • With inlet/outlet tubes or injection moulded ports
Persico Healthcare Urine Bags
Urine bags:
(from PVC film)
  • Production speed: up to 1200 bags/hour

  • Bags volume : 500 ml-1500 ml- 2000 ml

  • Kind of bags: with or without outlet valve – leg bag
Stoma care bags:
(multilayer EVA film and confort film)
  • Production speed : up to 1200 bags/hour

  • Kind of bags: colostomy- ileostomy- urostomy

  • Accessories: one/two pieces flanges- outlet component-filter- inspection window
Persico Healthcare Parenteral Nutrition Bags
Parenteral nutrition bags:
(EVA or EVA multilayer tubolar film)
  • Production speed: up to 1200 bags/hour

  • Bags volume: from 250 ml to 5000 ml

  • With two filling tubes and one outlet tube
Enteral nutrition bags:
(EVA or PVC film)
  • Production speed: up to 1000 bags/hour

  • Bags volume: from 500 ml to 3000 ml

  • With filling valve and one outlet tube
Nutrition bags:
(multichambers – PVC free bags)
  • Production speed: up to 1000 bags/hour

  • bags volume: up to 6000 ml

  • Kind of bags: two/three chambers
Others dedicated production plant for the following items :
(multichambers – PVC free bags)
  • DVT's garments, Legs and arms protections, Inflatable mattresses, Urinal catheters