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Foaming tools
Persico has extensive experience in foaming technology for carpet and insulation. We offer foaming tools and tool carriers, including back-foaming tools in partnership with WIS-Tooling.


  • Instrument panels

  • Door panels/armrests

  • Door top rails

  • Central console armrests

  • Heat and sound insulation for cars and industrial vehicles

EasyFilm is an advanced technology developed by Persico to improve the use of film for two categories of applications:
  • ​Adhesive film, which adheres to polyurethane foam to make the end product waterproof. Typical applications include foam-backed mats for industrial vehicles and trucks (for example, Renault Magnum).

  • Release film, which does not stick to polyurethane foam and keeps the polyurethane side of the mould clean. With EasyFilm there is no need for time-consuming cleaning or spraying of a release agent. Typical applications include foam-backed mats and other polyurethane-backed pieces for vehicle interiors and insulation.
The Persico Research and Development team has worked on and supervised all aspects of the EasyFilm project:
  • ​Identifying the best films on in market in terms of cost and performance.

  • ​Determining the best vacuum forming process for the various types of film (specifically, the amount of heat required by the film during the vacuum forming stage).

  • Design of the mould with a sufficient number of vacuum lines and, if needed, a frame.

  • ​Manufacture of prototype moulds, laboratory testing and preproduction at Persico’s facilities.

  • Manufacture and set-up of moulds and production systems.

Persico’s EasyFilm technology – for which a patent has been filed – has improved the state of the art in applying film to foaming moulds.