The Engineering Division was created to provide a complete service to the customer with the objective to achieve full automation, initially dedicated to the automotive sector, later developed for the rotational one as well (patenting Leonardo, the first rotational moulding machine with completely automated cycle) and now automation at 360 ° (automated plants for the production of nylon semi-finished products, automated assembly of fibreglass components for vessels construction).

Presses and Die Cutting Machines
The Automotive Division produces hydraulic presses for stamping and blanking and die cutting machines equipped with auxiliary systems for heating/cooling the moulds, with fumes aspiration systems and rapid mould exchange systems.

Automatic Lines
The experience in the field of moulding coatings and insulation panel for trim interiors allows us to design and build equipments for their production.
Persico distinguish itself for its ability to make a turnkey project from the mould to the plant.
Plants made so far cover a varied typology of plants: simple heating ovens, pick-up for the completion of existing lines, realization of complete plants for the production of shelves, pavilions, boot doors, cargo plans, wheelhouse, carpets , noses, under-bonnet, door panels.

Persico has so an experience in moulding processes required by the various materials used inside the car: polyurethane foam, wooddstock, natural fibres, PVC, TNT fabrics, EPDM and more

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