Medical bag production lines
Persico Heathcare offers state-of-the-art full production lines for medical bags.
Persico can design, engineer and build turnkey production systems for the manufacture of all kinds of medical bags – from IV bags to nutrition bags, ostomy bags and blood bags.
Starting with a film bobbin chosen from a range of materials, these systems use various technologies to produce the desired end product:
  • Thermal, laser, flexographic or ink jet printing

  • Die or laser cutting

  • High-frequency or thermo-contact welding

  • Fully automatic handling and packaging

  • Quality control and complete process data recording, according to FDA standards
Persico Healthcare has a dedicated area of 1,500 sq m at the Group’s complex in Nembro, Italy.
There are two new clean rooms with a total area of 500 sq m.
  • Designed for ISO 8

  • Ready for upgrade from ISO 7

  • Available for line testing and pre-series production
Medical Bags
Persico’s turnkey production systems can be engineered and built for all kinds of medical bags.
  • Inlet bags
- Infusion bags (e.g., parenteral nutrition, multi-chamber bags)
- Nutrition bags (enteral)
- Blood bags
  • Storage bags
- Cell storage bags
- Blood derivative storage bags
  • Outlet bags
- Blood bags
- Colostomy/Urostomy bags
- Urine bags
  • Others
- Dialysis bags (CAPD)
- Catheter bags
- Packaging bags
Medical Bags – Ostomy Supplies, Urinary Catheter, Blood Bag
Persico can develop medical bag manufacturing systems for a wide range of materials.
  • PVC
  - Infusion bags        
  - Blood bags        
  - CAPD bags        
  - Enteral nutrition bags        
  - Urine bags        
           Radio-frequency welding (RF/HF)
  • EVA
  - Cell storage bags        
  - Parenteral nutrition bags        
  • Others (PU)
  - Inflatable garments        
  - Inflatable mattresses        
  • PP/PE
        Thermo-contact welding
  - Infusion bags        
  - Parenteral nutrition bags        
  - Colostomy/Urostomy bags        
Welding Technologies and Special Applications
Persico Healthcare takes advantage of state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies for medical bags and related applications.
  • HF Welding Machines
- Flat foil
- Tube foil

Products: Infusion bags, blood bags, drainage bags
  • TC Welding Machines
- Flat foil
- Tube foil
- Polyolefin (PP, PE)

Products: Infusion bags, nutrition bags, multi-chamber bags
  • Special Applications
- HF/TC Welding Machines
- Automation
- Polyolefin (PP, PE)

Products: Ostomy bags, colostomy bags, catheters