Persico Automotive
Persico Automotive – a systems specialist with an efficient supply chain flow – offers complete manufacturing systems for the automotive industry worldwide.

In addition to supplying superior-quality tools and equipment, Persico provides a broad range of pre- and post-production services for automotive applications.

Specialization and operating versatility, technological innovation and state-of-the-art customer service.

These are the concepts underlying Persico Automotive’s commitment to providing targeted solutions for customers in the field of manufacturing equipment for car and industrial vehicle interior upholstery and heat/sound insulation.

Persico’s highly qualified engineers and technicians have the expertise to provide full spectrum service, from co-design (in close collaboration with our customers) to the manufacture of tools, cutting tools and finishing equipment.

We also use PLM Solutions in order to accelerate our product development while optimizing the innovations and to deliver innovative yet environmentally compliant products that meet global market demands.