In 2008 Persico SpA acquired all the industrial/intellectual property rights of Terenzio Presse Srl.

The acquisition includes all Terenzio trademarks, patents, technical drawings and all documentation concerning the development, the production and the marketing of Terenzio products and the related technologies and know-how.

Persico is thus the exclusive owner of Terenzio’s industrial/intellectual property rights and is the only company that can legitimately develop, manufacture, sell and market Terenzio products or products derived from Terenzio technologies and know-how.

Terenzio employees are hired by Persico and they join the approximately 300 current Persico employees in order to ensure continuity and further developments to well-known and reliable Terenzio products.

Persico Company was founded in 1976; it works in different fields and with 4 different Business Units: Automotive, Raotational, Nautical and Engineering.
Actually it furnishes worldwide approximately 40 million Euros per year in moulds and about 20 million Euros per year in equipments.

Terenzio, in its 74 years of experience, has manufactured 3,450 compression and injection presses for rubber, composites and heat-hardeners, plus special customised presses for all requirements.

. KOMPO(R) presses 300-3000 tons for composites (SMC, GMT, LFT) equipped with the active parallelism control PLANAR(R)

. ROBOMATIC(R), ROBOTER and POLYEDRA(R) presses for the moulding of toilet seats in urea.

. POLYMATIC presses for automatic moulding of particulars in urea (such as components for electrical wall plugs)

. OPERA horizontal and vertical presses for rubber items injection moulding.

. RUB compression presses for rubber items moulding, even by vacuum moulding.

. HS special presses (maxi-press, double-press, single press) for heat-shields production.

. PA presses for aeronautical industry items.

. STRATO presses for the production of rubber sheets and carpets, presses for PTFE sheets, etc.

Thanks to the resources and know-how joining by the two companies, a continuity will be given to Technical Assistance, Production and Products Innovation and Presses Terenzio, integrating them, where possible, with Moulds and Automation by Persico.

If you need assistance, spare parts and for discussion about new projects contact:

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